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Saba Ansari tells how she live at her Home
13 Sep 2019
Saba Ansari tells how she live at her Home
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Removing The Blocks To Unconditional Love: Luke Live At RA MA Fest Spain (Bootleg Broadcast) #229


I invite you to join me as we travel through space and time, back to the beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain, where a room full of truth-seekers and Life Stylist listeners joined forces in the exploration and ascension of spirit at Ra Ma Festival, where this solo show was recorded live on location.

In this episode, we’ll be taking a dive into the lecture portion of The High Love Experience, a transformative workshop designed to help you break free of the judgemental mind and find your soul’s true power.

By using present moment awareness, scientific prayer, and the power of your breath, you will learn how to access your true identity hidden behind the false self and how to live a life motivated by the power of unconditional love.

We learn to numb this high love experience throughout the process of growing up, through the trauma-filled process that is being human – but, today, I want to help you unlearn some of that programming and break through the internal barriers that were erected between you and your higher self.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

Have you ever felt like there’s no purpose to life? Being a human being is inherently traumatic Breaking free of the slavery to our own minds The good and bad parts of the ego Where the highest experience of love comes from Our choices in Earth School Pain and suffering as a driver of experience Self-awareness & surrender We still have to stand up for ourselves Utilizing your higher self’s will Scientific prayer

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Saba Ansari tells how she live at her Home
13 Sep 2019
Saba Ansari tells how she live at her Home
zoobhee · 1 Views